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Disinfection without ADR! no alcohol, no chlorine, no gluten :)
means of protection against bacteria and viruses of the SARS2 group

  • NANOSILVER - silver nanoparticles, the safest agent for disinfecting the body and usable surfaces, against bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses.
  • silverOXY - registered product for surface disinfection by fumigation (schools, hospitals)
  • certified decontamination gates and safe decontamination liquids

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In connection with this, along with organizational changes, a new department is created in the SILU Group. From January 2019, we are introducing a new SILU INDUSTRY offer, under which we offer:

  • laboratory equipment and accessories,
  • laboratory glass of high quality and durability (made in EU) with large capacities,
  • implementation of orders for glass according to individual designs, full custom made in large capacities 10/20/50 liters,
  • glass separators in large capacities 10/20/50 liters, with acid-proof taps in any number and place of installation, full custom made according to individual projects,
  • production of single and multi-chamber reactors made of glass or stainless steel in any configurations and capacities equipped according to the customer's design (eg stirrers, vacuum chambers, thermostats and cooling with automation),
  • other projects according to the Customer's order.

SILU CHEMISTRY is over 10 years of experience in industrial chemistry and knowledge of the market of chemical raw materials. The world of chemistry is our passion and there are no limits for us.

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