Silu offers comprehensive logistics services related to the import and export of sensitive and hazardous goods including industrial chemicals, chemical reagents, hazardous materials adr. We have more than 10 years of professional experience allowing us to provide delivery guarantees and deadlines, as well as professional forwarding advice and optimum shipping solutions.

Many years of experience and knowledge of legal regulations and customs and tax regulations help to avoid errors and related problems and optimize costs.

The main export direction of our offer EU countries, we import mainly from chin due to unbeatable prices and high quality, we cooperate for years with proven manufacturers,. For years, we have witnessed an increase in the cost of production of European producers by overly restrictive environmental and protection constraints, which directly affects availability and very high prices.

Due to cost optimization we provide comprehensive service from AZ. We rely on our own infrastructure and registration. Starting with the purchase of currencies at competitive prices, to secure payments and their transparency after the circulation of substances requiring registry and special use. Mainly due to the transparency and openness of activities and constant contact with the giif register and the customs service we are able to break the price monopoly of the market leaders of registered substances and 1000 percent of the dream and exclusivity we have official registrations all permits for import and execution of reserved substance orders.

Order the product / raw material at the manufacturer, we do not work with trading companies.

Handling all documentation of purchase and freight door to door

  • Price Negotiation
  • We offer 3 delivery routes
    • Aviation - 7 days
    • Sea-up is 5 weeks
    • New - rail transport 12 days
  • We provide warehousing, customs regulations and taxes
  • We have our own guarded warehouse and tax warehouse
  • Issue of documents in accordance with transport contracts
  • We regulate customs charges and provide a favorable tariff
  • Granting of a guarantee - lodging a security for a customs debt in the transit and admission procedure



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